Scholarship Programs

HUHTC – USA comprises a group of dedicated and caring volunteers who strive to help orphans in Ukraine reach their maximum personal, academic, and professional potential. Our Scholarship Chapter is dedicated to granting competitive funding to orphans seeking higher education with the philosophy that post-Atestat (high school) training is a critical determinant of a child's educational development and career success. The number of scholarship recipients depends on the amount of funds raised and directed towards these scholarships.
Scholarship awards are paid directly to recipients and are based on specific criteria. Further, scholarship funds can only be used for:

1. Tuition and fees for post high-school education at accredited institutions;
2. Books, supplies, and equipment required for instruction;
3. Room and board.

If the HUHTC – USA, Inc. determines that any part of a scholarship award is not being used in accordance with its policies, HUHTC – USA will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to recover the awarded funds and to reallocate them to other qualified applicants. Scholarship funds can only be used by enrolled students in good academic standing and with good moral character.

Orphanage graduates determined to continue their education in any region of Ukraine may apply for scholarships. All students who seek funding through our scholarship program must:

a. Be thirteen (13) years of age or older at the time of application
b. Complete an application, including certified academic records, that defines educational history, college destination, and career aspirations
c. Provide history and explanation of all extracurricular activities
d. Be admitted to a two- to five-year technical school, college, or university
e. Submit at least two reference letters from past or present teachers, supervisors, mentors, etc.

The HUHTC - USA scholarship grants are made possible through the generous contributions of both individual and corporate benefactors. To acknowledge their generosity, we require that all award recipients provide photographs and thank-you letters upon receiving any scholarship funding. HUHTC – USA reserves the right to use these photographs and selected application materials in press releases, advertising, and other public and private media as needed to support ongoing scholarship funding, applications, and support.