Our Work

In December of 2007 we held a successful fund-raising event in New York City, the proceeds from which went directly to the winter camp conducted by the Canadian HUHTC organization. The children attending the camp were supplied with the hats, gloves, boots, and coats and had the opportunity to learn how to ski at Bukovel resort in Ukraine. Recently, the Canadian organization has been renamed to New Generation. New Generation holds summer camps for about 500-550 children from orphanages all over the Ukraine, and winter camps that accommodate about 100 children.

The purpose of the camps is to provide educational training to the children as well as strengthen their spirits by allowing them to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The children are being taught creative skills through workshops, such as arts and crafts, pottery, computer classes, and sport dance "Ukrainian Hopak". They are also learning important life lessons through classes in psychology, anti-trafficking, and AIDS. There are many more knowledge related and entertaining activities as well in which they participate.

Some of our members have volunteered at the camps as counselors and have taken back with them an experience of a lifetime. Some members continue to volunteer, finding meaning in the form of giving of themselves.

If you would like to find out more information about the New Generation organization and our mutual work with them, please visit the following web-sites:

In 2008 we HUHTC-USA conducted a number of events (Malanka Party, Picnic at the Central Park and Rockaway Beach Party) to raise money for our current projects.

Our Projects

Currently HUHTC – USA is focused on implementing two mainstream projects:

1. Offer medical assistance (critically needed surgical procedures) to children with disabilities living in orphanages.
2. Ensure college placement and scholarships for qualified orphan children in Ukraine.

A critical outcome of these projects is the implementation of a consistent, robust process for the evaluation and placement of candidates for college scholarships and/or medical assistance. Evaluation will be performed during the New Generation (Canadian Fund) camps as well as via applications from the orphanages. To ensure successful outcomes, HUHTC – USA will conduct the evaluations on an on-going basis:

• During camps – face time with children; industry partnership with counselors and school/orphanage teachers
• Outside of camps – deployment and management of qualified individuals to follow up and evaluate the progress of identified candidates and to identify new candidates
• Consistent contact/correspondence with candidates through mail, email and phone