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We are proud to announce that Yuriy Butakov is our first scholar receiving financial aid to continue his studies. Yuriy has proven himself to be a hard working, intelligent, responsible, motivated individual with great leadership skills. He is receiving a $1,200.00 annual scholarship ($100.00 per month) and a new Sony laptop computer to support his academic and professional ambitions.

Yuriy (Jurij) Butakov
DOB: 01/09/1993
Amvrosiivka School Orphanage, Grades 1-9
Status: Graduated
GPA: Excellent (equivalent to A)
Note: Was nominated as a student president of the school.

Gymnasium at Donbas National Academy of Engineering and Architecture, Grades 10-11
Status: Graduated
GPA: Good (equivalent to B) ZNO Examinations (equivalent to SATs)
Passing rate for most schools is 125, highest score possible is 200.
Ukrainian Language: 167
Mathematics: 154
History: 167.5
Physics: 146

Donbas National Academy of Engineering and Architecture, September 2010 - Present

Medical Treatment Assistance

Candidate: Yuliya Shyrko
Age: 14
Hometown: Podoly, Kharkivska Oblast
Orphanage: Lubotyn Orphanage, Kharkivska Oblast

Yuliya has lived with a birth defect on the left side of her face, known as hemangioma, since she was born. The last time any medical attention was given to her for this condition was when she was only three months old. She lives a life of ridicule and isolation, which could be improved with a common operation available in Western Medicine.

We have been able to match Yuliya with Dr. Thomas Romo, III, in New York City. Dr. Romo, a renowned plastic surgeon who focuses on facial reconstruction, is offering his services for free, as part of his Little Baby Face Foundation, finally help fix her life-long deformities. HUHTC-USA will cover travel and housing expenses for Yuliya.