Who We Are

Help Us Help the Children – USA is a voluntary non-profit charitable initiative dedicated to improving lives of children living in orphanages in Ukraine. Our work in the Unites States is focused specifically on improving the lives of children of Ukrainian decent that are in need of medical attention, as well as assisting with the social integration of immigrant families in the US.

HUHTC – USA (26-2802905) is focused on identifying orphans in need of medical and educational assistance in Ukraine. We seek to provide scholarships and financial assistance to promising students whom we believe have both significant academic aptitude and superior professional potential; in addition to our competitive scholarship program, HUHTC-UA also matches orphans in need of significant medical attention with donor-doctors/specialists from around the world to help them with their conditions.

The organization is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America.

The purpose of the organization is:
1. To receive and maintain a fund of funds, and apply and extend from time to time all or part thereof and/or income therefrom for charitable purposes; and to do all such things as are incidental or conductive to the objects of improving the quality of life of children and young adults living in orphanages in Ukraine; and:

a. to develop and implement educational programs for Ukrainian orphans for the public benefit;
b. to relieve financial hardship, either generally or individually, by making grants of money to provide or pay for items, services or facilities;
c. to provide children with food, clothing, medical supplies and other humanitarian necessities;
d. to provide humanitarian assistance addressing all aspects of a child's development striving to create a secure social environment in which Ukraine's orphan children can reach their full potential;
e. to instill and develop a strong sense of social, spiritual and national responsibility.

2. To coordinate the efforts of individuals, creative associations, industrial enterprises and institutions to attain the organization's objectives.

3. To solicit donations and gifts from any persons or entities in order to develop and promote the objects of the Organization and to enter into and carry out agreements, contracts and undertakings incidental thereto.

The key principle underlying our organization's mission is a strong belief in individual responsibility. This is manifested in everything we do:
• Our organizational structure is based upon a model where relatively small teams carry out specific projects. Each team is thus responsible for the results of its activities.
• We believe that in the long run it is essential that today's orphans become tomorrow's productive and self-sufficient adults.
• We think that individuals can make a difference in creating a better world and that each of us is responsible for finding ways to achieve this.

In February 2010, HUHTC – USA partnered with an International Charitable Fund "VIRA". Together we are focused on dramatically improving the lives of underprivileged children in Ukraine. Our focal point at this time is implementing two mainstream projects:

1. Offer medical assistance (critically needed surgical procedures) to children with disabilities living in orphanages.

2. Ensure college placement and scholarships for qualified orphan children in Ukraine. *

* Please see "Our Projects" section for more details.

International Charitable Fund "VIRA" provides help to socially disadvantaged individuals of society, such as elderly, disabled and orphans. The organization is also focused on implementing the following initiatives in Ukraine:
• provide assistance to veterans
• support initiatives and development of health protection
• perform activities to achieve health rejuvenation
• support the programs that raise the average standard of living
• provide holiday gifts and financial aid to disadvantaged individuals of society
• assist in hiring and career building for such individuals